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  1. I like to try recipes of all types, so I thought I’d have a look around your site. Unfortunately you seem to be confused about what exactly puff pastry is.

    Puff pastry is pastry that has been layered with butter many many times. There is more butter in puff pastry than there is in a cow. Also traditional recipes have lard in them but that is likely substituted for normal oil or fats these days.

    It is my understanding that vegans do not consume anything that has come from an animal. You may wish to re-evaluate your recipes that use puff or other pastry as it usually always will have butter or eggs in it.

  2. Hi Donna!
    I know what is puff pastry (we call it “hojaldre”), and here in Spain, is sold usually frozen and the vast majority is vegan, as it does not contain eggs, dairy products, or animal fats. Here you can find vegan puff pastry everywhere from the major company that sell it (“La Cocinera”). The only non-vegan puff pastry I’ve ever seen is Carrefour’s puff pastry, that contains animal fats.
    You can take a look at other puff pastry brands if you do not find vegan pastry near your home.

  3. Then it isn’t puff pastry if it has no butter in it. As puff pastry is a French invention as far as I’m aware and has butter in it. If it doesn’t then it isn’t puff pastry and is something completely different.

    It would be a good idea for you to find the real name of this pastry so you don’t mislead people and so you don’t discredit yourself as a good vegan recipe site.

  4. Hi Donna!
    It’s sad you think vegan versions of food are not “real”, but anyway I’ll continue making it.
    If you need more information about this or other puff pastry, try to search (use Google for example) “Hojaldre la Cocinera” or similar, and you’ll see most people in Spain use that puff pastry.

  5. I didn’t say it wasn’t “real” food. I said it wasn’t real puff pastry. I am only trying to help you in being clear with your recipes. I believe you that there is vegan puff pastry, but your recipe isn’t clear on this fact.

  6. actually, my dictionary translates the name of “dough” used in this recepie (listkove, listove testo in czech) as puff pastry as well, and it’s true that the most puffpastries sold here (czech rep.) are vegan… Maybe it’s not the “original” puff pastry, but it’s a common name for the product sold nowadays (at least in Europe).
    btw great site!

  7. Hi SoySusu!
    Actually puff pastry is “hojaldre” in Spanish, and here’s no other things with the same name, only “hojaldre” ;) I live in Spain, so I always write my recipes thinking on the things we have here and our lifestyle, and many people from other countries e-mail me with questions like yours. Obviously it’s a vegan recipes blog, so I will not publish recipes with meat (, fish, poultry, seafood, etc), eggs, dairy products or subproducts of them, but anyway I’m sorry for the confussion :)

  8. Puff pastry is made using a fat which is solid at room temperature. Donna, you correctly listed 2 fats which are solid at room temp and used to make puff pastry-butter and lard. However, you forgot that vegetable shortening is also solid at room temp, therefore there are many authentic and vegan puff pastries available. I think if you are going to be so rude in your comments, you should at least be accurate.

  9. Donna, maybe it s “not real puff pastry”, but every vegan here understood the recipe, and it s really nice and easy!
    Your blog is fantastic, most of my parties start here hehehehe

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